Gozzanny Health Services, Inc. is HIRING!

We are presently hiring healthcare workers who choose to have flexible working hours at the facility or location that is most suitable.

We are hiring Nurse Practitioners (NP’s), Registered Nurses (RN’s), Physio Therapist (PT’s)Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), Health Care Aides (HCA’s), Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) and Personal Care Aides (PCA’s).

We are looking for qualified candidates who will deliver ethical based, compassionate care while ensuring patient confidentiality at all the times. Our licensed candidates are required to present a current license and should be in good standing with their regulatory bodies.

Please, send the following documents:

Copy of current CPR Level C
Copies of educational certificates and degrees
Copy of Nursing License if applicable
Recent Criminal record
Immunization records including Mantoux test record
Chest X-ray report if Mantoux test is not required

Please fill out this employment application form. Hiring for all positions is currently ongoing.