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How to Recognize When a Senior Needs Home Care


After nearly a lifetime of independence, many of our elders are reluctant to ask for help. Whether it’s a fear of losing that independence or being a burden to their loved ones, your elderly parent may need help with day-to-day tasks. It helps to know when they might need help to give them the support they need. Likewise, here are signs your loved one needs home care services in Alberta.

  • Increased forgetfulness.

    Memory loss is increasingly common among older adults but it could be a sign of more serious medical issues, such as dementia. Has your loved one started skipping their medication or missing their appointments? If so, it helps to have a home health care agency present to give gentle reminders and ensure their needs are met.

  • Changes in behavior.

    Behavioral changes are another sign your loved one might need home health care in Alberta, Canada. If you notice increased anxiety, aggression, and feelings of depression, it may be time to talk to your loved one about arranging additional help at home.

  • Poor personal hygiene.

    The last time you visited your loved one, did you notice unbrushed teeth, dirty clothes, or a stronger-than-usual body odor? It could be a sign they are no longer able to keep up with their daily activities, such as bathing. An in-home caregiver is extremely helpful in assisting your loved one with their personal care needs.

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